We want to test a performative model of stakeholder discussions using design scenarios, prototypes, and mockups of future health data sharing services while also collecting our own health data in real time. During the workshop, we will monitor our heart rates, pulses, and emotional or stress levels via various self-tracking devices brought by organizers. The activities will be further prompted through discussion over organizers' personal health datasheets (e.g. 23andMe and Ubiome results; Soylent diet logs). Participants will also be invited to bring their own existing records. This performative model for managing stakeholders' perspectives will help us create a more detailed categorization of their different concerns, hopes and fears in respect to the different design ideas and principles. 

Workshop Schedule

Workshop date: May 6th, 2017

9am-9:15   Welcome & introductions by organizers

9:15-10am Introductions of participants and proposals

10-12pm   Hands-on self-tracking & discussion

12pm-1   Lunch

1-2pm   "Post-lunch" self-tracking & discussion

2-5pm   Break out into groups, work on design scenarios and prototypes to envision systems around the identified themes and issues

5-6pm  Groups report back and showcase design ideas; final wrap-up and synthesis


The workshop is organized as part of the CHI'17 conference, May 6-11, 2017 Denver, CO